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Tracy Field


Tracy Field had a brief sojourn in general art and design in a South London college that taught her perspective and life drawing.

With a longing to become a goldsmith’s apprentice, and after couple of years working in Hatton Garden, she was able to find jewellers workshop employment. Tracy and her husband moved to East Sussex in 2001 to be nearer to where she had employment, and for thirteen years she worked on design, restoration and repair of antique jewellery.

Good fortune formed out of great upheaval and a mutual friend, introduced Tracy to Rosa Branson in 2011. Since then, with Rosa’s guidance in the representational painting technique of the Old Masters, she has found that painting with oils is the most rewarding medium and feels that the most appealing aspect of oil painting is the incredibly subtle way attention to fine detail can be achieved with the layering method of glazing.

Tracy swapped her jeweller’s tools for paint brushes from then on and now dedicates most of her free time to painting in oils, occasionally using other mediums.  Like her fellow members of The Worlington Group of Painters, Tracy strives to get as much realism as possible in her paintings, whatever the subject matter.

Tracy’s classical art inspirations were first formed by admiring the work of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in particular, and the exquisite works of the Italian Renaissance and the Dutch Masters.

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