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Sandra Busby

Sandra Busby.jpg

Against most of today's teaching methods, I have embraced the traditional way of oil painting. 

As much as I admire the wild abandonment of many other artists and their more expressionistic styles, I prefer to express myself in a more gentle and methodical way. Only then can I stand back and honestly say that 'I' painted it and what I am looking at is a little piece of 'me'.

I would class myself as a painter of 'romantic truth' rather than realism because I like to bring out what I see as the most beautiful in an object and I tend to push back what is not.

Much of my inspiration comes from the playful light and distortions of shiny and reflective objects. Focusing on the play of light is a wonderful way of seeing things differently.


The object will always look different depending on the quality of light that is hitting it and that is what I find so fascinating.

I am continually attracted to warmth and light; the amber glow of a flickering candle against a glass will do it for me every time! And a little tipple in there is always most welcome.    Cheers!



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