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Rosa Branson

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Rosa graduated from the Camberwell School of Art as a painter, and after studying at the Slade School, she trained under Professor Helmut Ruhemann, the Chief Restorer of the National Gallery, and spent six years copying works by the Old Masters at the National Gallery in London.

In her career, Rosa has worked in fabric collage design, watercolour and glass design, but her main speciality is the Old Masters oil painting technique of layering subtle glazes of translucent paint over each other. In Rosa's words she is painting the 'modern world using the Old Masters technique'.

In a career spanning over sixty years, she has covered a variety of topics, including portraiture, still life, landscape, as well as producing many large-scale charity paintings for organisations such as Oxfam, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. In 2010 recognised for her achievements in art and charity work with the MBE.

Rosa is associated with The Worlington Movement, which seeks to promote classical training for art students and to assist young artists in acquiring essential skills in drawing and oil painting. She runs a busy studio in Highgate, assisting in the development of artists such as Heath Rosselli, Yuliya Lennon, Tanja Hassel, Tracy Field, Cynthia Anatole, Dawn Kay and Sandra Busby.

Rosa has completed over 600 paintings, which include a variety of subjects. In the last 20 years, the majority of her paintings are large-scale (5 feet by 8 feet) to fit the scope of her charity paintings. Examples of Rosa's paintings in publicly owned British collections can be found on the Art UK website.

Rosa's newly published biography, "Rosa Branson: A Portrait" by Lynn Michell is now available to buy on Amazon or directly from The Linen Press.

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