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Amy Divis

Amy Portrait for Bio.jpg

Amy is a professional artist, illustrator, and educator.  She has spent many years developing in the fine arts ranging from teaching, exhibiting, to furthering her education to Master’s level.  Her undergraduate degree gave her an in-depth knowledge of drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics, with a focus on oil painting.


She continued her training in Italy where she studied Italian fresco painting and then as an apprentice in London, developing her skills as an oil painter.

While in London she met and lived with both Heath Rosselli and Rosa Branson who introduced her to a classical style of painting, where each painting is built up using opaque and transparent layers of paint to create the right narrative, mood, and atmosphere.


Along with technique, these inspiring women showed her how to “make it” as a professional artist and helped to pave her road ahead.

In addition to her own artwork, Amy has gained professional experience teaching art in England, Oman, Germany, and the USA.  Her students have taught her that it does not matter where we live; we all have an internal need to express ourselves.  Amy finds constantly learning and being a part of different creative outlets both exciting and inspiring. 




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