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Susan Cook

Susan Cook_edited.jpg

After a career in the horse racing industry, during which time Susan looked after Harbinger, voted best horses in the world 2010,  winning the King George that year and breaking the track record. 

Health issues resulted in a new career for Susan. 


However, through being unwell she was able to attend an art group at the racing centre in 2014 run by the well-respected equestrian artist David Mouse Cooper. This is where her fascination with art commenced and has been developed further through using video programmes available via the internet and joining art groups and societies.


Susan did her first exhibition at Tuddenham and Tostock in 2019 and has done many more since then. Recently Susan has joined the Worlington Movement learning to paint in the classical style of the old masters and the Renaissance style and knowledge passed on through Rosa Branson and Heath Rosselli.

Susan enjoys experimenting with new products and works with many different mediums, with oils having become a favoured medium. She spent her early childhood in Zimbabwe, where her love of all aspects of the natural world and wildlife began.



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