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The Worlington Movement was the brainchild of two professional painters, Heath Rosselli and Rosa Branson.

Deeply concerned by the fact that the great skills of the Renaissance painters are now not being taught to young artists and are in danger of being lost altogether, these two well known, prize-winning artists have set themselves the task of proving, by example, the power of great classical painting, to portray the deep and fundamental issues of our contemporary world.

Both have painted the stories of some of our largest charities, in order to bring hope and inspiration to millions.

Heath and Rosa strongly feel that not to teach young painters these magnificent techniques (thus giving them the freedom to produce great works of art, which will enrich and beautify our civilisation for hundreds of years to come) is like telling Shakespeare that in order to be a great writer he mustn’t learn to write.  Thus, The Worlington Movement has come into being.  There are now about 20 members, mainly in London and Suffolk, but there is a growing number of artists on the South coast of England, and we have one member in Washington State, USA, who is also teaching the technique.

Rosa and Heath are fully hard-working professional artists without the time or facilities to start a functioning art school. But they are very happy to teach privately on a small scale.  Rosa invites students to her studio in Highgate and Heath runs classes on Mondays from 2 – 4 pm Tuesdays from 11.30 am -1.30 pm and Thursdays from 7-9 pm.

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